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RK Mega Bundle

RK Mega Bundle

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Reckless Kelly recorded American Jackpot, an album about American stories, themes, inhabitants, geography, and history, at Arlyn Studios in Austin, Texas. They later recorded a few more songs, which led to a new sister album, American Girls. Due to COVID-19, the band wasn't able to perform live until 2021, when they resumed touring and performed songs from both albums with an All-Star band. The live shows were recorded and filmed at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX, and The Heights in Houston, TX

Reckless Kelly's live recording on 140-gram vinyl is now available for purchase! You can also get it along with other items in a bundle and save over 20%. Check it out now!

 RK Mega Bundle™️ includes:

  • Mega Kelly Live Double LP on Vinyl
  • Mega Kelly Live on CD
  • Mega Kelly Live Koozie
  • Mega Kelly Live Tee Shirt

Savings of over 20%

Mega Kelly Live

  1. Ragged 
  2. American Jackpot
  3. American Girl
  4. Only See You With My Eyes Closed
  5. Thinkin' Bout You All Night
  6. Lost Inside The Groove
  7. No Dancing In Bristol
  8. Tom Was A Friend Of Mine
  9. Miss Marissa
  10. I Hold The Bottle
  11. Anyplace That's Wild
  12. Lonesome On My Own
  13. Good Bye Colorado
  14. Mona
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