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Two All-New Albums / Twenty All-New Songs

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American Jackpot

North American Jackpot

Thinkin’ ‘Bout You All Night

Tom Was a Friend of Mine



Another New Year’s Day

Grandpa Was a Jack of All Trades

Put On Your Brave Face Mary

Company of Kings

Goodbye Colorado


American Girls

I Only See You With My Eyes Closed

American Girls

All Over Again (Break Up Blues)

Miss Marissa

Lonesome On My Own

Anyplace That’s Wild

Lost Inside The Groove

No Dancing In Bristol

Don’t Give Up On Love

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is

American Jackpot and American Girls provide a stirring sense of lust and longing, an epic glance at life with all its triumphs and tumult. If Reckless Kelly qualifies as an overachiever, there’s also no denying the success that’s resulted in doing just that.” 

American Songwriter

American Jackpot / American Girls unfurls with a rural Americana purity that should get old across two discs and twenty tracks, but doesn’t – a testament not only to Reckless Kelly’s diverse songwriting techniques but also to the smooth, pristine production which manages to make every moment feel uniquely identifiable and purpose-serving.

Lyric Magazine

We’ve been touring the country for nearly 25 years, because it’s what we love to do. As musicians, writing songs and performing for our wonderful fans is the best thing in the world, and we’re not going to stop. During this uncertain time, we’re going to continue doing what we love and entertain everyone to the best of our ability. If you’re in a position to pitch in, every dollar will help support the crew, the band and other musicians & venues who have been hit hard. Stay inside, take care of yourself and take care of each other. We’ll see y’all out on the road again soon.

Cheers, Reckless Kelly


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Whatever I was dreamin’ What little I remember
Scatters like dust and fades into the day . . .

I Only See You With My Eyes Closed / American Girls

Then silence filled the air
like there would never be another sound again

Tom Was a Friend of Mine / American Girls

Two All New Albums / Twenty New Songs

NOW AVAILABLE For Download & Streaming


Everyone said I should have locked it down . . . I guess they all knew then what I know now

Miss Marissa / American Girls

When he rolled up his sleeves

You better believe he’d get it done

Grandpa Was a Jack of All Trades / American Jackpot


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