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Sunset Motel CD (2016)

Sunset Motel CD (2016)

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Sunset Motel (2016): Reckless Kelly latest release on their own label, No Big Deal Records, was recorded in Austin, TX at Arlyn Studio where they recorded their first album twenty years earlier.  

2017 brings their 3rd Grammy nomination for Best Recording Packaging. The packaging presents itself as an enticing 1950s-60s era travel brochure for the Sunset Motel, promising a desert oasis – a place to “escape from it all.”

The reality, however, as only seen through the translucent red Motel Key Tag included within the CD Digipak, is a run-down possibly-abandoned flea-bag motel. It’s hey-day is far gone.

  1. “How Can You Love Him (You Don’t Even Like Him)”

  2. “Radio”

  3. “Buckaroo”

  4. “Sunset Motel”

  5. “The Champ”

  6. “One More One Last Time”

  7. “Forever Today”

  8. “Volcano”

  9. “Give It Up”

  10. “Who’s Gonna Be Your Babe Now”

  11. “Moment In The Sun”

  12. “Sad Songs About You”

  13. “Under Lucky Stars”

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