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RK Grammy Award Winning Bundle

RK Grammy Award Winning Bundle

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In 2011 Reckless Kelly founded their own record label, No Big Deal Records, and began a journey of recording and releasing their own albums. It was important to the band to keep the tradition of making albums that had a musical concept accompanied by artwork that engaged the fan while giving them something to treasure as an additional piece of the art.  They commissioned the talents of The Dodd Sisters at Backstage Design Studios to help create the band's vision. 

In 2011 The Dodds were nominated for their work with Reckless Kelly's album "Good Luck and True Love".  They teamed up with RK again in 2013 for their album "Long Night Moon," which earned them the Grammy for Best Recording Packaging. They would continue their work with the band to gain another nomination for their 2015 release, Sunset Motel.

Well here we are again with yet another nomination for Best Recording Packaging for their latest effort, American Jackpot / American Girls, for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards to be held on April 3rd, 2022 in Las Vegas.

Here are all four albums in a Grammy Award Winning Bundle!!

 Good Luck Boys!!

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