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Long Night Moon CD (2013)

Long Night Moon CD (2013)

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Long Night Moon (2013) Winning a Grammy for Best Artist Packaging, packaging unfolds to a complete night and day theme. Some of the astral artwork glows in the dark, and there are also secret codes and messages.

Here are 12 songs about love, road life, conflict, tenderness, and resignation, the themes of constant motion and travel emerge as dominant and haunt Braun's fine lyrics that all reflect the tensions in the heart of the wandering musician.

1. Long Night Moon

2. Real Cool Hand

3. Irish Goodbye

4. Every Step Of The Way

5. Be My Friend (In Real Life)

6. The Girl I Knew

7. I Can’t Stand It

8. The Last Goodbye

9. Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart

10. The Only Home I’ve Ever Known

11. Long NIght Moon Reprise

12. Idaho

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