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Good Luck & True Love CD (2011)

Good Luck & True Love CD (2011)

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Good Luck & True Love (2011): Reckless Kelly’s first release on their own record label, No Big Deal Records. This album hit the Americana Top 20 chart. It was nominated for a Grammy for best recording package.

The inside booklet and jewel case turn into a silent-picture movie viewer, while the CD itself transforms into a fortune-telling spinner wheel.

  1. “Give It A Try”
  2. “Save Me From Myself”
  3. “Guarded Heart”
  4. “She Likes Money, He Likes Love”
  5. “I Never Liked St. Valentine”
  6. “Weatherbeaten Soul”
  7. “Good Luck & True Love”
  8. “I Stayed Up All Night Again”
  9. “New Moon Over Nashville”
  10. “Hit The Ground Runnin’”
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