THESE SUBTLE SOUNDS: Reckless Kelly Brings Red Dirt Music to York, PA

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By Brandon Amos

If you haven’t heard of red dirt music, your missing out! Reckless Kelly is the definition of this music. It is country that’s not played around here very often but damn well should be. It is Americana before that was a term.

The Braun Brothers came into The Appell Center on a somber day, September 11th, and brought with them the healing music that they have been playing for well over 20 years now. They performed songs that rock, such as, “How Can You Love Him” and, my favorite, “Ragged as the Road”. They also made sure to include in their performance the beautiful ballads, “Snowfall” and “Wicked Twisted Road”, which was written during the week of the fateful day of 9/11…

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