TAKE EFFECT: Bulletproof Live Review

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If you were a fan of Reckless Kelly’s 2008 album, Bulletproof, well, you’re in luck since the long running roots rockers recorded that entire album live in 2018 for this installment of their Americana and country rock inclinations.

“Ragged” starts the set with gritty Americana where melody is certainly present amid the crisp instrumentation, and “Love In Her Eyes” isn’t far behind with a sturdier rock feeling and a great chorus.

Further along, “Never Had” brings us warm, gentle balladry that’s romantic and orchestral influenced. while “One False” builds into fuller folk-rock with fantastic guitar work.

The second half of the album brings some great moments, like the ultra-memorable “American Blood”, the soulful setting and elegant strings of “Mirage”, and the subdued “God Forsaken”. The album ends on the punchy southern rock of “Bulletproof”, a fan favorite for good reason as its one of the strongest tunes in their catalog.

Even if you’ve never heard the studio album or Reckless Kelly at all, I’d wager that you’re still in luck for tuning in, as they’re one of the most exciting outfits in country inspired sounds that exists today, and Bulletproof Live, with its incredible sound that used no overdubs, further cements their status as one of the best of the best.

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